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Seed Studiosâ?? Under Siege trailer supplied by Glasgow-based firm

Axis reveals RTS animation deal

Axis Animation has revealed a deal that saw it supply the trailer for Under Siege, a new RTS title from Portugal-based Seed Studios.

“As soon as Filipe Pina from Seed Studios sent me the first character concepts I was hooked,” says Axis executive producer Richard Scott, pictured.

“I knew that this style would really get the team excited and it was great to see such a strong project from this Portuguese developer.”

Axis has said that they were pleased to have been given the opportunity to work directly with the key creative team behind the game, leading to what it dubbed a collaborative relationship that lasted through the game’s development.

“Working directly with Filipe and Jeffrey was a great experience,” said trailer director Wiek Luijken.

“We were able to get face to face with them and really work through the pre-production and especially the storyboarding process. Although they had their own treatment when they approached us with the project they were really open to our ideas.”

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