Tesco cuts 3DS to £175

Just when you thought the price war that has defined the launch build up for the 3DS couldn’t get any more competitive, the supermarkets go and prove you wrong.

MCV can reveal that Tesco will offer Nintendo’s 3DS console for just 175 from midnight tonight.

The price will be available to anyone who buys any 3DS game at the same time.

That’s a full 55 less for the hardware than the price being quoted on the first listings for the machine earlier this year.

That beats the current best price – the 187 being offered by Amazon – by a quite considerable margin. Morrisons was previously offering 187 as well though that deal came to an end earlier this week.

Though the industry is accustomed to fierce price promotions on the latest games, it’s unusual for hardware to attract the same level of competitiveness. Quite why the 3DS has bucked this trend remains a mystery.

The race is now on to see if any other retailers move to match – or who knows, perhaps even better – Tesco’s price before the day is out.

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