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Digital distribution release ruled out; DRM solution considered

Capcom: Piracy preventing Street Fighter PC

Capcom producer Yosihnori Ono says the company won’t release a PC edition of the next Street Fighter due to the platform’s ongoing struggles with illicit filesharing.

With Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition set for release in December, Yosihnori Ono was paraphrased by Gamasutra as saying piracy is the ‘sole reason’ why the title won’t come to PC.

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition runs on Taito’s DirectX-based Type X2 board, meaning a PC port will be considerably uncomplicated.

Yet in an interview with Japanese site 4gamer.net, Ono described the PC platform as “number one in piracy”.

Interestingly, Ono ruled out the possibility of a digital PC release via Steam, suggesting it would somehow be unfair to PC-bound players who were ‘unable’ to buy the game.

Ono said that the biggest chance of a PC release is by using a ‘powerful copy protection solution’.

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