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Destiny and Call of Duty servers downed by DDoS attacks

Bungie’s Destiny was among the big-name games forced offline over the weekend, with a group of online pranksters claiming responsibility.

It’s the second time that Lizard Squad has claimed responsibility for the pair’s servers being down. We don’t know for sure if it really is their work, but Bungie at least admitted to server problems dogging its cross-gen fighter.

The same group has also in the past claimed credit for the downing of PSN and Xbox Live, as well as Sony Online Entertainment.

The good news for players of Destiny, at least, is that things seem to be improving with many players reporting that they are now able to log into the game’s servers once again.

What makes it all the more irritating is that Activision and Bungie themselves have done a fantastic job of ensuring that Destiny’s launch had until now been almost perfectly smooth – which is a real accomplishment for a launch of this size.

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