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The one hundred best studios in the world today in one quick list

DEVELOP 100: The full list

Who are the 100 best game studios in the world? Well, we’ve named them below – ranked in order of the developers that made the best reviewed games in calendar year 2010.

Full analysis of the Develop 100, from new trends to studio profiles, can be found through here


1 Nintendo EAD Tokyo (Japan)
2 2D Boy (USA)
3 ZeptoLab (Russia)
4 SCE Santa Monica (USA)
5 Blizzard Entertainment (USA)
6 Media Vision (Japan)
7 1337 Game Design (Sweden)
8 Bungie Software (USA)
9 Rockstar Leeds (UK)
10 TheCodingMonkeys (Germany)
11 One Man Left (USA)
12 Jean-Francois Geyelin (France)
13 Playdead (Denmark)
14 Fishlabs (Germany)
15 Matt Rix (Canada)
16 Firaxis Games (USA)
17 Dicework Games (Finland)
18 Rocketcat Games (USA)
19 Nicalis (USA)
20 Crescent Moon Games (USA)
21 Team Meat (USA)
22 Gaia (Japan)
23 Kojima Productions (Japan)
24 Armor Games (USA)
25 Hemisphere Games (Canada)
26 EA DICE (Sweden)
27 Art in Games (Slovakia)
28 Rockstar North (UK)
29 Chair Entertainment (USA)
30 Retro Studios (USA)
31 Game Freak (Japan)
32 FreeStyleGames (UK)
33 Venan Entertainment (USA)
34 Treasure (Japan)
35 Indies Zero (Japan)
36 Good-Feel (Japan)
37 Nex Entertainment (Japan)
38 Kairosoft (Japan)
39 Grumpyface Studios (USA)
40 YoYo Games (UK)
41 Curve Studios (UK)
42 Ready at Dawn (USA)
43 Firemint (Australia)
44 JohnnyTwoShoes (UK)
45 Three Rings (USA)
46 Hello Games (UK)
47 Revolution (UK)
48 Treehouse (Finland)
49 Majic Jungle Software (New Zealand)
50 Sanzaru Games (USA)
51 Eighting (Japan)
52 2K Marin (USA)
53 The Behemoth (USA)
54 Straandlooper (UK)
55 Pixelocity Software (USA)
56 Bad Monkee (Germany)
57 Indeeo (USA)
58 Relic (Canada)
59 Arc System Works (Japan)
60 Fallen Tree Games (UK)
61 Grasshopper Manufacture (Japan)
62 Retro Dreamer (USA)
63 OtherWise Games (USA)
64 Treyarch (USA)
65 Mercury Steam (Spain)
66 PopCap (USA)
67 PlatinumGames (Japan)
68 Polyphony Digital (Japan)
69 Codemasters Birmingham (UK)
70 Bryan Mitchell (USA)
71 Crystal Dynamics (USA)
72 Rockstar San Diego (USA)
73 Big Pixel Studios (UK)
74 Simogo (Sweden)
75 Madfinger Games (Czech Republic)
76 Chaotic Box (Canada)
77 Lazy 8 Studios (USA)
78 Cave (Japan)
79 The Iconfactory (USA)
80 Imangi Studios (USA)
81 Project Soul (South Korea)
82 HAL Labs (Japan)
83 Harmonix Music Systems (USA)
84 Wandake (USA)
85 Funcom (Norway)
86 iQubi (South Korea)
87 Indiagames (India)
88 TU Wien (Austria)
89 Broken Rules (Austria)
90 Avalanche Studios (Sweden)
91 Vigil Games (USA)
92 Other Ocean Interactive (Canada)
93 devCAT (South Korea)
94 Atlus (Japan)
95 Big Bucket Software (Australia)
96 Miniclip.com (UK)
97 Spacetime Studios (USA)
98 BigStack Studios (Canada)
99 Blue Carrot Games (Denmark)
100 EasyGameStation (Japan)

The Develop 100, produced in association with Metacritic and sponsored by gamecity:Hamburg is published today, June 3rd, with Develop magazine’s June edition and MCV’s June 3rd edition.

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