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Fils-Aime: 360 and PS3 price drops dont bother us

President of Nintendo America Reggie Fils-Aime has reacted to the news that Wii has become the world’s best-selling next-gen console by warning Sony and Microsoft that the firm is ready for the long term battle”.

Speaking to San Jose Mercury News as part of the US newspaper’s gaming podcast, Fils Aime said that 360 and PS3 essentially trade share as they alternate on price reductions” adding: Really, none of that is affecting our business.”

He continued: ”We are not taking our current success lightly. This is a long-term battle.”

Fils-Aime also promised a jump in Wii stock before the holiday period. He commented:

The good news is we’re flowing more and more product into the marketplace, and the amount of Wii hardware that will be in North American stores will be unprecedented—substantially more than the launch and substantially more than has been seen to date.”

However, he admitted that consumers would still find it difficult to get their hands on a Wii”.

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