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First step toward Vita piracy as homebrew hack reports emerge

The PlayStation Vita’s security protocols have been breached.

The hacker who cracked Amazon’s Kindle, Yifan Lu, claims to have constructed a working loader that is able to run some very basic unofficial code on the handheld.

While the playing of PSP homebrew on Vita has been working for some time, this is the first time that brand new software has got successfully up and running.

And despite the nobility of these early developments, it’s hard to deny that news like this is often the first step toward something altogether more sinister – piracy.

As always, the hack’s creator has defended his work, claiming that he is not responsible for what others may do with the inroads he has created.

Indie developer Wolfgang Wozniak asked: Your exploit doesn’t do anything, yes, yes, I know. But it’s an open door. Not for you, but for people who want to destroy us.”

To which Lu replied: Again, I apologize, but what can I do about what others may possibly do in the future? I would be glad to do anything in my power.”

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