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GAME OF THE DAY: The Unfinished Swan

We’re going to be clear about this from the off – not everyone is going to like The Unfinished Swan.

You can finish the game in one sitting, or around two hours. Although that’s at the expense of exploration, of course. And the plot is, how shall we say, slightly obscure. It’s more dreamy LSD fairy tale than Andy McNab.

But we’re not going to tell you anything more about the game here. Think of this simply as a buying guide. And it’s actually pretty simple to determine whether The Unfinished Swan is for you.

Simply complete the short test below to find out. Award yourself one point for every statement you agree with and minus one for every statement that you don’t:

  1. I like playing games that are unlike any games I’ve played before
  2. I’m tired of playing shooters and racing games and infinite runners and all that stuff I’ve seen 100 times before
  3. I take as much pleasure from experience as I do from achievement
  4. Publishers deserve to be rewarded for doing something different and taking a risk
  5. I loved Flower, Journey and all those obscure indie games they talk about on Rock Paper Shotgun
  6. It’s not that Call of Duty is a bad game – it’s just that it’s not really for me
  7. Personally, I can take or leave a game’s plot – for me it’s all about the experience
  8. Two hours of utter delight are worth just as much as 40 hours of mediocrity

Now tally up your total score and discover whether The Unfinished Swan is the game for you:

-8 to -4: Nah, we reckon The Unfinished Swan is probably not for you. Save that money for a Call of Duty map pack or something.

-3 to 3: You’re taking a bit of a gamble here, but if you can afford to spend 10 then we’d say The Unfinished Swan is well worth your time.

4 to 8: Greetings, exalted one. You truly are one of us. Download The Unfinished Swan right now and be safe in the knowledge that you’ll be rewarded with a short but beautiful experience unlike anything you’ve ever played before. Very few games are made with the same level of craft or charm. It may only be two-three hours in length, but throughout that you’ll be rewarded with a handful of wonderful moments – one of which is right at the start – you’ll remember forever. Sony has done a fantastic job of pushing boundaries on PSN and The Unfinished Swan is its latest triumph.

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