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GTA IV shatters UK first-week sales records

Rockstar’s GTA IV has smashed all UK first-week sales records, according to official data obtained by MCV from industry monitor ChartTrack.

The game sold 926,000 units in the five-day period between its release (Tuesday, April 29th) and Saturday, May 3rd.

According to ChartTrack/ELSPA data, the title took a total of 39.9 million at UK retail – made up of Xbox 360 & PS3 software sales combined.

Both sales and revenue beat the previous record, set by GTA: San Andreas on PS2, which sold 677,000 units (24.2m) in its first ‘week’ – which consisted of two days (29th-30th November, 2004).

Last week, MCV broke the news that the game had also beaten UK day-one sales records – out-performing the likes of GTA: San Andreas and Halo 3.

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