Two-thirds of users make a single purchase, with more than half of buyers going on to spend again

Just 2% of players spend on mobile, but those that do pay £10 on average

More from less – that appears to be the rule of thumb for monetisation on mobile.

Mobile analytics firm Swrve has released a new report based on the figures for February 2016 showing that only a fraction – 1.9 per cent – of players on smartphone and tablet actually end up investing money into in-game purchases.

While this means just one in every 50 players plans to spend money, those that do ultimately put in a healthy amount. Buyers were found to spend $13.82 (£9.81) on average.

Two thirds (64 per cent) of those that pay for microtransactions never spend again.

Yet, it’s not all bad news – more than half (56 per cent) of buyers are tempted to drop cash in for a second purchase.

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