Luckey: VR will be relevant to everyone eventually

Virtual reality isn’t just for gaming, it’s for everyone – even if many people are yet to understand that.

That’s the claim of Oculus founder Palmer Luckey who has told Cnet why he thinks that the technology really is going to change the world.

I don’t think [some people] understand why it’s relevant to them yet,” he said. A lot of people, even if they know what VR is, see it as this tool to go in your basement and play Halo.

But that type of perception is going to change as virtual reality becomes more mainstream and they get to see things like VR cinema or 3D-360 degree panoramas or communicate with people over long distances. They’re going to see this is relevant to them in their daily lives as a not-pimply-faced-teenage-kid.

That’s going to be a difficult perception to overcome.”

And how will Oculus go about tackling this issue?

It’s going to take good content, units in the field, and a probably lot of grassroots evangelism,” he added. I don’t think a television ad and can nearly be as effective as showing people this thing.”

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