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Mario Party 8 back on shelves ‘soon’

Following the recall of Mario Party 8 just a day after it was released in the UK, Nintendo has promised retailers it is working as quickly as it can to get it back on the shelves.

The Wii title was withdrawn from the shelves after the word ‘spastic’ was discovered in the game’s script, which Nintendo claims was due to Transatlantic language differences.

We will announce a new launch date shortly. The English language version of the game was developed in the US where the word does not have the same offensive connotations as in the UK. We are working with our UK retailers to have Mario Party 8 back on the shelves and available to buy as quickly as we can,” said Nintendo’s European PR manager Claire Stocks-Wilson.

Unfortunately this was not identified earlier when producing the title for the UK. As soon as we discovered this issue, we took the decision to delay the UK launch of Mario Party 8 by three weeks in order to replace it with a different, inoffensive word. We are working with our development team to ensure this does not happen again.”

Retail will be keen to see Nintendo keep its word, since the game topped the Indie Charts last week and debuted at number five in the ChartTrack official listing.

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