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Nintendo's famed designer says "there are more ways of grabbing players' attention"

Miyamoto ‘concerned’ other developers resort to ‘excessive violence’

Shigeru Miyamoto has said he is concerned that too many studios are using violent games content to attract players.

Speaking to Channel 4, he urged that there are other ways to make interactive entertainment appealing to players.

"I don’t want to curb freedom of expression, but I am concerned many developers focus on excessive violence in order to stimulate people’s minds," he said.

"I believe that here are more ways of grabbing players’ attention than violence alone."

He also said that parents have a responsibility to play in making sure children play games with the right content: "I also hope that parents take advantage of age ratings when letting their children play."

Miyamoto also took time during the interview with the UK TV station, conducted during a recent press tour promoting Wii Music, to address the credit crunch issue. He said Nintendo’s value-oriented consoles helped dodge any economic turbulence.

“We need to eat in order to live, that’s our first priority. But entertainment and the enrichment of our souls must come in second place," he said.

“Nintendo’s mission is to take advantage of improving and cheaper technology to create reasonable and affordable entertainment. It’s very good value."

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