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NCsoft says console MMOs are inevitable

In an interview with


, the president of NCsoft North America Chris Chung has said that it is inevitable that the MMO genre will eventually shift its focus from PC to consoles – and that the shift will be a technically challenging one.

"We have to really optimize for consoles; we have to create an experience that’s suited for the PS3 and supports the MMO element. I think the shift to consoles is inevitable.

"I think there are a lot of causes that factor into good MMOs on a console. These are elements like ‘does the person have a standard definition TV or an HDTV?’ You don’t have a good a resolution on regular TV, and a lot of games were hurting for that.”

NCsoft, which publishes popular MMO titles such as Guild Wars and City of Heroes, last year signed a deal with Sony which it see it bring the MMO genre to PS3.

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