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Nintendo: Third parties dont get Wii

Nintendo US boss Reggie Fils-Aime has asserted that the majority of third-party publishers don’t get” Wii – and aren’t taking full advantage of the console.

And in a frank discussion with Forbes, Fils-Aime also said that Nintendo was nowhere near” the point of cutting the Wii’s price.

"I will be able to say our licensees ‘get it’ when their very best content is on our platform," he said. "And with very few exceptions today, that’s not the case."

He also ruled out the possibility of retailers having enough Wii Fit stock to meet demand this Christmas, adding:

"With Wii hardware, I think we’ve got a good shot at meeting demand during the holidays. With Wii Fit, I know we’ll fall short."

And on a potential price cut, he commented:

"At some point, it will be time to adjust the [price], but we’re nowhere near that point now."

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