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No wi-fi on full-speed PSP

SCEA has confirmed that PSP’s

newly found ability

to run games using the full 333Mhz power of its CPU compromises the machine’s wireless functionality – meaning developers will have to choose between full-blown processing power or wireless multiplayer.

The PSP’s processor had until recently been limited to a speed of 222Mhz, though a recent firmware update unlocked at extra 111Mhz of processing power.

The cause of the wireless issue is still unknown – though some are speculating that the combination of wi-fi and full-speed processing would put too heavy a strain on the PSP’s battery, which already struggles for longevity owing to the handheld’s mechanical UMD drive.

Whether developers will choose to implement a 222Mhz multiplayer mode or simply limit their games to 222Mhz at all times remains to be seen – though it has already been confirmed that titles such as God of War: Chains of Olympus will be using all available processing power.

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