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Nvidia to cut its graphics card prices – report

The likes of the GeForce Titan and GTX 780 may be about to have their price cut.

DigiTimes reports that Nvidia is on the cusp of lowering the cost of many of its leading GPUs as a response to AMD’s new range of cards. It names the GTX 660, 650Ti Boost and 760 specifically.

The site adds that a second price cut could then follow in November, possibly coinciding with the release of AMD’s top-of-the-range R9 290X.

Recent speculation suggests that the 290X will retail at around €649 in Europe, pointing to a possible UK RRP of between 600-650.

Nvidia’s GTX 780 can currently be had for between 500-575 in the UK while its Titan card still retails for around 800.

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