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PEGI: Were the future

The parent of PEGI has told MCV that it has the ‘leading edge’ over the BBFC when it comes to online games ratings.

However, the body has backed a collaborative future between the two classification bodies to ensure adult online games do not fall into the wrong hands.

EU affairs manager for PEGI parent ISFE Jurgen Bansch (pictured) told MCV:

As the games industry is moving more rapidly towards the online environment, PEGI Online was built as an addition to PEGI and has now a leading edge in this field.

We were happy to find out that the Byron recommendation not only acknowledges this groundbreaking and visionary undertaking, but also advocates further cooperation with the BBFC on a concerted approach regarding online standards which would secure UK involvement.”

Be sure to pick up MCV magazine – and check back here at our online home – for more from PEGI this Thursday.

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