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More than 40,000 backers pledge support to Uber Entertainment's RTS

Planetary Annihilation Kickstarter hits $2m

The Kickstarter campaign for space RTS title Planetary Annihilation has passed $2million.

Developed by Uber Entertainment, the game is being designed to be a “new innovative” take on the RTS genre, and sees players gathering resources and invading other planets across the galaxy.

The crowdfunding campaign still has ten hours to go, and currently has 40,863 backers.

The game has more than doubled its original Kickstarter goal of $900,000.

More than 17,000 contributors have pledged $20 or more, whilst five backers have invested more than $10,000 into the project.

If the game reaches $2.1m before its Kickstarter campaign closes, the studio has stated it will make a documentary on the title’s development.

Having reached the $2m milestone, Planetary Annihilation joins the likes of Double Fine, Ouya and Wasteland 2 as one of the most popular projects ever to take to Kickstarter.

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