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PS3 dropping component support for games and Blu-ray

Signs are pointing to a change to future versions of the PS3 console that will mean it is unable to display much of its key content over a component cable.

Until now PS3s have shipped with a component cable instead of the more standard HDMI connection.

However, Kotaku reports that new machines carrying the new ‘K’ type hardware chassis will prevent the output of both HD games and Blu-ray movies on anything other than HDMI.

Presumably, the machines will ship with the required connection.

It is speculated that the change is a result of alterations to the AACS content protection system, which governs many things including copy protection systems on Blu-ray discs.

The latest AACS amendments restrict component signals to a maximum output of 480i/576i. Some content will be blocked altogether on analogue outputs.

Older machines will not be affected by the change.

UPDATE: The cable that comes with a PS3 is in fact a composite, not a component cable.

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