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PS3 UTIII to support mouse and keyboard

Format holders have long resisted it for fear of muddying the perception that their machines are not simply PCs that sit under the TV – but it seems that Sony is to break the mould and allow Epic to implement ‘proper’ mouse and keyboard support in unreal Tournament III.

CVG reports that on the UTIII forum, Epic boss Mark Rein stated: I checked with Steve Polge and he said that, yes, we are supporting keyboard and mouse in Unreal Tournament 3 on PS3.

He is confident we are doing it in a way that will be balanced without feeling ‘gimped’ for either side. We’ll also allow people to choose whether or not they want to allow mixed controller vs. keyboard/mouse games or not.”

The decision flies in the face of previous FPS conversions – most notably Microsoft’s recent cross-platform Shadowrun, which saw joypad-equipped 360 owners take on mouse-touting PC hardnuts.

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