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Forum posts appear to suggest APB will still be supported

Realtime Worlds community man remains upbeat

A community officer at Realtime Worlds today suggested the studio will not close down, and that the beleaguered MMO All Points Bulletin is still being supported.

The claim was made before news of the suspected layoffs had surfaced.

Suggestions of deep staff cuts are now beginning to snowball into rumours that Realtime Worlds could close down completely.

Yet the community officer, who could not be identified, said on the APB forum:

“As we’ve announced we had to restructure the company to make it so that we can focus totally on APB.

“APB is still going strong and we fully intend to support 100%. In fact we have a cool announcement coming this afternoon, so keep your eyes peeled.”

Develop was told earlier today that a statement on the situation at Realtime Worlds is being prepared.

After news broke that Project Myworld may have lost its staff, the community officer seemed to confirm the rumour –

He said: “There’s quite a few developers in Dundee, so I’m hopeful that their talents will be quickly identified and rewarded.

“They worked really hard and were proud of what they achieved.

“If you haven’t already, check out www.playmyworld.com to see what they were working on.”

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