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Guitar Hero studio exploring new music genres and Natal tech

RedOctane: Music genre has only just begun

Despite criticisms that music games have already hit a creative and commercial plateau, RedOctane is convinced the genre will continue to evolve.

“We’re really just at the beginning of music games,“ says RedOctane’s co-founder Kai Huang, speaking in an interview with The Seattle Times.

Huang went on to discuss how the studio is looking to expand Guitar Hero’s audience by accommodating different genres.

“In the US, country music is obviously very popular. Globally, classical music has always been very interesting. Latin music — there are just so many different genres of music and instruments that haven’t been tapped into yet.”

And Huang sees Microsoft’s upcoming Natal device as another avenue to explore.

“One of the areas we’re exploring certainly is camera technology and what you can do — track your movements and maybe have your characters on the screen do certain things you’re doing, or personalize it more so it can look more like you on stage rather than just be an avatar,” he said.

Image: Activision

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