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Russia ponders violent games clampdown after Moscow shooting

Violent games could be facing a potential clampdown in Russia after authorities linked them to a recent shooting.

Last week Russian office worker Dmitry Vinogradov shot dead five former colleagues with two more admitted to hospital, one of whom was a former girlfriend of Vinogradov.

However, as is sadly too often the way authorities have also noted that Vinogradov had previously played Rockstar’s Manhunt.

United Russia reps have since gone on to make official media statements about the game and demand an inquiry into the sale of the title with the view to a ban. They are also looking for a Russia-wide ban on violent video games content.

Manhunt is no stranger to controversy, of course. The game was thrust into the media spotlight when it was claimed that youngster Warren Leblanc, who murdered his friend Stefan Pakeerah, was a fan of the game and took inspiration from it – when in fact it it later emerged that it was the victim who had played the game.

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