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Magical V Engine automatically matches facial expressions to vocal data

Sega develops facial animation tool

Sega is currently test-marketing a new tool to match facial expressions to vocal performance data, Nikkei reports.

The Magical V Engine works with CG programs to analyse the timings of vowels in performance data, to which it matches movements for the mouth, eyes and eyebrows. The tool also analyses the vocal performance to extract data on the emotional delivery, able to discern happiness, anger, surprise and sadness and mix them together to create advanced expressions.

Sega’s internal testing estimates that the tool automates 70 to 80 per cent of the task of animating facial expressions, and believes the tool can increase efficiency nearly 100-fold.

The software will be available for 207,900 yen (approximately £915), with a special discount cutting the price to 155,400 yen (approx. £684) until March.

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