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Access to more CPU power now available

Sony unlocks seventh core for PS4 devs

Developers are now able to access more CPU power from the PlayStation 4 after Sony unlocked the console’s seventh core processor.

Eurogamer reports that Core 6 has now been unlocked and is available for developers to use in their games going forward, bringing the console closer in line with the Xbox One. Microsoft unlocked its own console’s seventh core earlier this year.

Existing titles will only benefit from this extra processing power if developers release a patch specifically to update the game. It is more likely the new core will mostly be used by future games.

It is also reported that the core may be shared between the console’s operating system and whichever game is attempting to use it. The PS4’s Razor debugging and analysis tool apparently "splits the activity on that core between user and system".

It is not clear how much CPU power will be available to developers.

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