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Tales series hits 15m shipped

Namco Bandai’s popular RPG series Tales has passed the 15m unit shipped milestone.

The most recent release Tales of Xillia 2 on PS3 has itself shipped 480,000 units since its Japanese release at the beginning of December.

The IP first debuted way back in 1995 when Tales of Phantasia was released on the Super Nintendo. It has since gone on the spawn 14 main releases, making its PlayStation debut in 1997 with Tales of Destiny.

2002’s Tales of Destiny 2 marked the brand’s arrival on PS2 with the next, Tales of Symphonia, arriving on Nintendo’s GameCube. Three further PS2 games were released before the launch of Tales of Innocence on DS and then Tales of Vesperia on Xbox 360.

The 12th game in the series, Tales of Graces, debuted on the Wii 2001’s Tales of Xillia marked its PS3 debut.

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