Team Fortress 2 Steam Workshop launches merchandise submissions

Valve is now accepting submissions for Team Fortress 2 merchandise to be proposed by the game’s community and sold via Steam Workshop.

The TF2 Blog provides details on the new program, revealing that anyone can submit a design (t-shirt, poster, etc.) for community vote. Valve will then select the most popular for production and distribution, and the original creator will receive a cut of any profits brought in by the item.

"For decades, humanity looked at the common baseball hat and just saw a thing you put on your head. It took a special kind of person to look at it and think, I could attach beer cans to the sides of that thing so I’ll have my hands free to hold two additional beers.” It took a special kind of person to look at a t-shirt and realize, I could draw a tuxedo on that t-shirt and trick people into thinking I’m wearing a tuxedo,” the blog reads.

Who were these people? Drunk idiots, mostly. But also visionaries. And now we’re giving the Team Fortress 2 community the chance to join that pantheon. How? By submitting your t-shirt and poster designs to be voted on by the Team Fortress 2 community. Simply navigate to the ‘Merchandise” tab in the Team Fortress 2 Workshop."

Merch distributor WeLoveFine is in on the production act, but the post goes on to state that the goods will also be distributed directly through Valve as well as other places.

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