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E3 08: Rick Perry 'gunning' to make Texas number one in the US

Texas governor pledges to support games industry

Texas governor Rick Perry has pledged to support the games industry in a speech at the E3 Media and Business Summit, Kotaku reports.

The state already offers $250,000 worth of incentives to games companies that spend money in the region, which is home to 22 developers and publishers. CNBC has declared the state to be the best place in the US to do business, and it is home to more Fortune 500 companies than any other state.

However, Perry explained that he isn’t content with the state’s current offerings, and wants to do more to foster development in the region.

"I’ll be calling on legislators next January… to challenge them in 2009, and I’ll also ask for more public and private-sector investment in the game education programs in our state schools. There are extraordinary opportunities there," he said.

"As governor, I’m really proud that Texas is the third-biggest game-producing state… I’m gunning to be number one, and I think we can be. I think our game incentive program that we have can play a very important role as we go forward."

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