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Industry calls on Government to copy French president Sarkozyâ??s strongarm approach to illegal downloading

‘UK needs France’s piracy law’

The UK’s anti-piracy laws are feeble and place the game industry in grave danger of further closures and economic damage.

That was the opinion of some of the games industry’s most notable figures this week, as the domestic trade called on the Government to emulate France’s new legal clampdown on illegal downloaders.

The French bill, passed into draft law last week, will see illegal downloaders of games, music and movies sent two warnings, first by email and then by recorded delivery.

Following these cautions, the offender’s details will be passed to a judge – who has the power to cut off internet access and issue heavy fines or even prison sentences.

The UK Government is working with internet service providers on plans to bring in a similar ‘three strikes’ approach – but has so far avoided mention of court action.

“Nintendo applauds France for approving this legislation,” Nintendo’s European anti-piracy boss Neil Boyd told MCV. “We hope that other Member States will see this as an example of a country attempting to significantly reduce illegal file sharing and recognising the important collaborative role that ISPs can play in doing so.

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