13 million PUBG players banned since June 2017

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has seen a huge number of accounts banned since its early access release back in June 2017, with just over 13 million people having their accounts kicked.

This according to data directly from PUBG Corp and sifted through by Reddit user sjk045. The figures show 13,099,548 banned accounts as of October 2, with a decrease in the number of weekly bans doled out since February – likely down both to changes in policies in the game, as well as because the player count has been steadily dropping.

By no means is this to say 13 million unique individuals have been barred from re-entry to PUBG’s battle arenas – the stats on how many of these accounts were simply spam ones, or recreations of previously banned accounts, are unavailable. But it’s safe to assume this definitely isn’t a massive chunk of PUBG’s player base kicked out.

Blocking cheating and banning those who do engage in such behaviour has been a focus of PUBG Corp for some time now, even to the detriment of the game’s actual development.

While PUBG has been on a tear and was the first game in Steam history to see over a million players every day for a year, the game has seen player numbers drop since earlier in the year, and positive sentiment from players has been on the wane too.

PUBG Corp is doing something to try and counter the bad actors in the game, but it seems like that focus is causing player leakage all over the place.

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