505 Games purchases Ghostrunner IP for 5m Euros

Publishing and production company All In! has sold the rights to the Ghostrunner IP to its co-publisher 505 Games, for 5m Euros.

505 Games has acquired exclusive intellectual property rights to the Ghostrunner title and all licenses for the technological solutions used in the game,  however All In! will still generate profits from the sale of the 2020 action title.

The game was greeted by warm reviews upon its release on October 27th, and recouped its 2.5 million Euro production costs on the day of launch.

“When All in! Games was acquiring the IP of the game, 505 Games was also interested in the purchase, but in the initial stage of our cooperation, the Italian publisher was not willing to pay the amount we expected” said says Piotr Żygadło, CEO of All in! Games.”Ghostrunner quickly turned out to be a huge success, which convinced them to submit an offer—one of those “hard to refuse”. This transaction shows that the strategy we adopted was correct. The 5 million euros gained through the sale, which will go exclusively to our company, will allow us to develop even faster,” says Piotr Żygadło, CEO of All in! Games.

“This is another very important step in the development of All in! Games and we are satisfied with the direction we are heading. According to the estimates which have already been published, Ghostrunner sold half a million copies by the end of 2020, and we believe that in 2021, this number will increase by at least one million. Recently, we also released Paradise Lost, which sold over 12 thousand copies within its first four days and is on track to becoming the second-largest title in our portfolio. The game is moving up in the Global Bestsellers ranking and has received 78% positive reviews on Steam.”



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