85% of Q1 PS4s were sold with a copy of Black Ops 3 in the US

Activision has revealed an incredible statistic highlighting to enduring popularity of Call of Duty.

Speaking to investors yesterday, COO Thomas Tippl stated that 85 per cent of total PS4 hardware sales in the US in the three months ending March were for the Black Ops III bundle. In the exec’s words: [It’s] an amazing statistic which bodes well for the franchises’ engagement and in-game play investment continued to expand rapidly.”

There was also good news for Hearthstone. Revenues for the card game were up 20 per cent quarter-on-quarter, which led up to the recent release of expansion Whispers of the Old Gods. The bulk of this was presumably thanks to the 50 pack pre-order card bundle. Registered players now stand at 50m users.

The average Destiny user, meanwhile, has amazingly clocked over 100 hours on the game. Bungie’s shooter now has 30m registered players, while its new loot box premium add-on has a double-digit attach rate”, Tippl said.

Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg added that the company was aware that our fans are hungry for more content than we’ve been able to create” and that the publisher is working side-by-side with Bungie to make sure that in the future, we’re able to deliver a more consistent stream of great content and drive even more engagement”.

Activision lays claim to four of the ten biggest selling next-gen title to date and, via King, three of the top 15 grossing US App Store games for nine consecutive quarters.

Across Activision, Blizzard and King, players spent 10bn hours playing their titles and 32bn hours spectating them. That’s equivalent to Netflix’s worldwide viewing stats.

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