Activision: Prototype 2 ‘owns’ April

Superhero action game Prototype 2 will prosper thanks to a quiet April,says Activision subsidiary Radical Entertainment.

The title is probably the biggest name in a sparse month for retail. Developer Radical hopes it can sell over 4m units – double the original’s sales.

We sold 2.1m copies of the first game and our expectations are much higher for this one,” Radical Entertainment’s studio VP Dave Fracchia told MCV.

I would roughly say we’re looking at between 1.5 to two times [the sales of Prototype]. I would obviously like to see it higher than that.

There were a few games that were getting hints about potentially being released during April, but they’ve all kind of moved, so we literally own April.”

Fracchia also said Prototype 2 has a bigger marketing budget.He added: Activision is most definitely getting behind this one even more than the first Prototype. That shows their faith in the product, which is great.”

Activision is even launching its own Prototype 2 online merchandise store around the game’s release.

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