AMD launches all-out attack on GPU rival Nvidia

The graphics card war looks like it’s getting ugly.

AMD has responded to Nvidia’s recent launch of the GTX 700 series not by releasing new cards of its own but instead by embarking on a PR assault against its rival.

A report from the company talking about GPU trends for the rest of the year opens with the tag line Gamers and developers choose AMD Radeon”. It also claims that 2GB of GDDR5 – the standard on most Nvidia cards – is not enough for enthusiast gamers” and will be insufficient to power next-generation games.

It also points out how the AMD 7000 range not only includes 3GB GDDR5 as standard, but also matches the GCN architecture found in the AMD powered PS4 and Xbox One.

AMD has also released a video directly attacking Nvidia’s GPUs. Although pixelated, the inclusion of a GTX card in the below is clear to see – especially in the bit where they take a sledgehammer to it.


The increased intensity in the war of words between the pair is likely fuelled by the pressure put on AMD by the new GTX cards. The 209 GTX 760, for instance, is not only cheaper than many expected but also compares very favourably to AMD’s top-tier offerings.

AMD is expected to reveal its Radeon HD 8000 series cards later this year.

Here’s the video:

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