Batman: Arkham Knight is ‘five times the size’ of Arkham City

The next instalment in the Arkham series will be a significant overhaul for the Caped Crusader.

As revealed in the latest issue of GameInformer as thumbed by Eurogamer, Batman: Arkham Knight will offer a large number of changes and improvements to Rocksteady’s established formula.

The new Gotham – which is split into three islands – is five times the size of Arkham City and has from the word go been built for next-gen consoles.

The importance of the Batmobile means the entire game has been designed with driving involved. Despite this there will be no loading times.
Speaking of which, the new Batmobile takes up 160MB of memory, which is roughly what the team had to work with for the whole city on Xbox 360.

Rocksteady’s aim is to make the best car in any game ever”. It will also be able to bash its ways through parts of the environment, such as the corners of buildings.

The enemies’ polygon count has been upped by three or four times, with each boasting around the same poly count as the entire city from the Arkham City. The number of baddies on screen has been upped by a similar amount and can reach as many as 50 at a single time.

Batman will be voiced by Kevin Conroy, who has provided the Caped Crusader’s voice in many of Warner’s assorted spin-offs as well as in both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City – although not Arkham Origins. Nolan North will voice Penguin.

A new villain designed specifically by DC and Rocksteady for the game will feature.

The game won’t include any multiplayer components, however, with Rocksteady saying that it preferred to focus its resources on the single player.

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