Brianna Wu has received 45 death threats

Revolution 60 creator and game developer Brianna Wu has revealed that she has received 45 death threats online since the start of GamerGate.

Most recently a man wearing a skull mask posted a video on YouTube detailing his plans to murder Wu. So real was the threat that the man was en route to Wu’s house when he crashed his car, and documents suggested he had both weapons and an accomplice. He posted a second threatening video after returning home from the crash.

I’m doing everything I can to save my life except be silent,” Wu wrote on Bustle. As a friend recently told me, ‘It’s a very dangerous time to be a woman with an opinion’. The stakes couldn’t be higher. Do we fight this battle now, or do men get to be the only ones shaping our future?”

Wu goes on to express her frustration that despite the endless list of criminal actions being directed at her and countless other women, authorities seem reluctant to act.

During the reign of terror of Gamergate, I have had hundreds of conversations with other women,” she added. We’re exhausted, we’re terrified we’ll be next, we’re all thinking of quitting. I have a folder on my hard drive with letters from dozens and dozens of women who’ve abandoned their dream of becoming game developers due to Gamergate, some as young as 12.

Many of the most serious harassers have committed criminal acts — doxxing us, repeatedly threatening to murder women and attempting to blackmail me and other women. Yet they keep creating new accounts and coming back to harass us.

There have been no prosecutions for the hundreds of death threats that have been sent to Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkeesian, or myself. I am calling on law enforcement, specifically the FBI, to step it up. This will not stop until you show the public that there are consequences to these illegal acts.

Invariably, by speaking up, I’ll experience a new round of threats and harassment. The people doing this see themselves as noble warriors, not criminals. I’ll probably get more rape and death threats. I’ll be told I’m being dramatic. For pointing out the game media’s silence, behind closed doors these people will tell themselves what amazing allies to women they feel they are, and nothing will be done.”

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