Candy Crush Saga players are spending less

Spending on Candy Crush Saga is in decline.

The Guardian reports that quarterly spending on the smartphone hit was in decline throughout 2014, although the game’s in-app purchases still generated $1.33bn and has almost certainly passed lifetime revenues of $3bn.

However, having peaked in Q3 2013 at $551m, the game’s revenues have steadily fallen – $493m in Q4 2013 and then $429.5m, $360.5m, $227.4m and $263.8m for each quarter throughout 2014.

On the plus side for King, having once accounted for 78 per cent of King’s player spend, Candy Crush accounts for 45 per cent, suggesting the company’s reliance on the mega-hit is decreasing.

King currently has 356m active monthly users. 97.7 per cent of them don’t spend a penny on King games, but the 2.3 per cent that do spend a monthly average of $23.42 each.

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