Cloud solutions company G-Core Labs opens new QA centre in Russia

Cloud and edge solutions company, G-Core Labs, has revealed it has opened a new video game quality assurance centre in Russia.

G-Core Labs said via a press statement that it is confident the new facility, which is located in Perm, Russia, “is bound to succeed” and plans to double its 50-person team by mid-2020. 

“As part of developing the new business line, the company entered a strategic collaboration with Wargaming, an international game developer and publisher,” G-Core said. “The centre’s engineers have already started testing the flagship project of the company’s partner, the popular World of Tanks game.”

“G-Core Labs started as a solution provider for the gaming industry, so we know better than anyone, how important testing is for businesses, and we also understand all the requirements of our customers”, says Roman Zhikharev, director of G-Core Labs QA centre. 

“Today we’re trusted partners of Wargaming. The World of Tanks creators rely on us in such an essential thing as the testing of their key product, because it’s very important for such a large developer that production doesn’t stop for one minute. So far, we’re dealing with simple tasks, but we’ll expand our service portfolio soon enough. Even now, other Wargaming teams want to work with us.”

Wargaming’s CEO Victor Kislyi recently sat down with MCV/Develop to talk about its new Guildford studio. The UK was chosen over the US for its mix of nationalities, Kislyi told us, because “Britain is even better [than the US] in terms of the variety of talent. Greeks, Swedes, Germans, as well as US talent too. We’re close to Heathrow so you’re one flight away from pretty much anywhere in the world – direct flights to everywhere.”

“The UK project is going to be big, we’ll not settle for ‘let’s try’, it’s going to be super-duper-triple-A,” he added.

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