Cloud tech firm Polystream secures $12m investment

Cloud technology company Polystream has received a $12 million Series A investment led by Intel Capital to build the technology “that finally solves a decade long problem of cost, reach, and scale, that works for everyone, and will change the way the world consumes interactive content”.

Lauder Partners and Wargaming Group Ltd also participated, joining previous investors Initial Capital and London Venture Partners. The company says it will use the funding “to recruit top talent from around the world, expand marketing activities, and accelerate further development of Polystream’s technology”.

“Audiences around the world are increasingly hungry for the richest and most graphically complex content to be streamed instantly,” said Bruce Grove, co-founder and CEO of Polystream. “The current approach of deploying GPUs in the cloud to deliver compressed video, whether for playing games or any other high-fidelity application, is eye-wateringly expensive and just does not scale. It’s why cloud gaming remains the hardest of streaming problems to solve; anyone can stream games, but the business of streaming is broken.”

“We believe new approaches are required to stream graphics at scale in the cloud and at the network edge,” added Dave Flanagan, vice president and senior managing director at Intel Capital. “Bruce and Adam have had a huge impact on the business of video games over the past two decades, and they’re now set to transform cloud gaming and many other interactive industries.”

“For us, solving this problem is the tip of the iceberg. We’re completely rethinking and realizing new ways of how to use the visual cloud, from server to client, from network to edge, transforming how the world consumes interactive content and services for years to come,” said Adam Billyard, co-founder and CTO of Polystream. “From instant on-demand gaming, massive simulations and modelling, and immersive media to the highest definition 3D applications, the cloud is enabling the creation of never before seen interactive experiences that can only be realised through the power of Polystream.”

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