Arizona Sunshine is coming to PlayStation VR

One of the most highly regarded HTC Vive and Oculus Rift games is making the move to PS4’s virtual reality headset.

Arizona Sunshine offers a full campaign, as well as both single and multiplayer modes, set among the wastelands of a zombie apocalypse. While parts can be tense, however, it’s more fun and carnage that jump scares and frights.

The game will also support the new PSVR Aim Controller. Players will be able to move about using either teleportation or locomotion, depending on their motion sickness tolerances.

We’ve put a lot of work and love into Arizona Sunshine, building and optimizing it for VR from the ground up in order to deliver the game as we had envisioned it – a VR game worthy of being one of the first full-size games a VR player would get to play,” lead tech and developer Vertigo Games Trevor Blom said.

Ever since we started developing for VR, we have prototyped a lot of mechanics and realistic weapon handling is by far our favourite. On PlayStation VR, you can take your first steps into the zombie apocalypse with the use of regular Dualshock 4 controllers, but we’re also supporting the PlayStation Move motion controllers and, even more exciting, the newly released PS VR Aim controller. Handling your weapons with real-life movements truly is a whole different level of immersion.

As for the Aim controller, since the game was initially created with dual-wielding guns in mind, we’ve thoroughly tested ways to get the support for it right. And while using the Aim controller limits you to using a single weapon at a time, it makes up for that by increasing accuracy and control, upping your chances for critical, dismembering hits – that’s right, the fan-favourite zombie mutilation mechanic also made it onto PlayStation VR.”

Arizona Sunshine is due out on PS4 in June.

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