‘Britain can lead the world in games development’, says Osborne

George Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, praised the games industry at an event that marked the launch of the long-awaited tax breaks for video games development.

The event was hosted by UKIE and the TV Coalition this morning, and featured the Chancellor as a key guest as he celebrated not just games tax breaks, but similar incentives for film, TV, animation and other creative industries.

It’s great to be here after a long fight by your industry and the Government to persuade the European Union to allow us to introduce this games credit,” Osborne told attendees.

These tax credits should support one of our most dynamic and exciting new industries, with a real potential to grow in all sorts of ways. It’s going to create jobs and stimulate creativity. And it’s exciting for me that this isn’t just in London or the South East of England – it’s a very important industry in Dundee. I’ve got a big games company called Traveller’s Talesbased in my constituency near Manchester. It is something that is all around the country, and an area in which I think Britain can lead the world."

Develop has more details.

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