Indie Royale helps Xbox sales, says Going Loud Studios founder

Indie dev ports to PC, XBLIG sales quadruple

When Going Loud Studios ported Xbox Live Indie Game DLC Quest to the PC for inclusion in the Indie Royale St. Patrick’s Day Bundle, the previous weekend sales had been 134 copies.

When the bundle went live last weekend, those figures quadrupled to 506 copies sold.

"To move over 500 copies this past weekend on Xbox is nuts," Going Loud founder Ben Kane told Indie Royale’s sister site Gamasutra.

"It also has a pretty big implication – you can do cross-platform advertising or word of mouth and have an effect on 360 sales."

DLC Quest has been on XBLIG for four months, and won Official Xbox Magazine’s XBLIG game of the year award.

"There’s sort of been this age old wisdom that you can’t really successfully advertise for XBLIG on PC or mobile, because there’s just too much of a gap between looking at something on your PC, and then going and playing it on your Xbox," said Kane.

But he is now convinced that, "at least to a certain extent, it can be done."

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