Studios will be closer to consumers and able to make regular updates, says Insomniac head

Price: Xbox One ditching restrictive dev policies

Restrictive policies for developers on current generation consoles are being taken down for the Xbox One, says Insomniac CEO Ted Price.

Speaking to Game Informer, Price said the old policies between developers and players were being removed, and creators would now be given the ability to instigate regular game updates.

The Insomniac boss said the studio could now be more reactive to how users were playing its games.

“We are seeing a lot of the barriers, mechanical and in terms of policy between developers and players, are coming down," he said.

"This gives us a chance to make more regular changes and updates to the game based on what players are telling us and what we are observing them do. We’ll have an opportunity to create a much more living world."

Despite promising its latest title, open-world shooter Sunset Overdrive, will be playable offline in single player, Price was keen to point out the advantages that the console’s cloud technology will bring to developers.

He stated the potential for console developers was huge, and the definition of cloud technology would likely change meaning as more games come out and make new and innovative uses of it.

“The potential of the cloud for console developers is pretty large," said Price.

"Over the next five or six years, it’s one of those technologies that will change in meaning as we see more games come out and take innovative approach to the more and more offline processing that’s available.

"It is proven that cloud services can improve products and services in other areas, so it’s cool that games are starting to take advantage of it.”

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