Save wiping Borderlands 2 ‘virus’ spreading across Xbox Live

A bug that wipes game progress is being transmitted across Xbox Live to players of Borderlands 2.

Believed to be linked to code connected to a ‘hardcore’ game mode left in by developers, the ‘Graveyard’ exploit has seemingly been affecting those who have played online with other infected players.

The problem does not affect the PS3 or PC versions of the game.

Recently a few users have begun violating the Xbox Live Code of Conduct by using an external application to maliciously disrupt the experience and sabotage characters of legitimate Borderlands 2 players on Xbox 360,” Gearbox explained on its forum.

After extensive internal testing, an update to prevent this disruption has been submitted to Microsoft and will be released as soon as possible. Until then, concerned Xbox 360 players of Borderlands 2 should consider playing online with trusted individuals in non-public sessions.”

Fortunately Gearbox says there is a way to safeguard yourself against problems, as outlined below:

We also advise that before ceasing play, users always select ‘Save and Quit’ from within the pause menu while their character is alive. If after the death of their character players find themselves at the main menu of Borderlands 2 instead of respawning in-game, be sure to immediately select "Continue" to resume playing as that character.

We ask that players report any suspicious behaviour in Borderlands 2 to and provide as much details and documentation of their disrupted experience as possible to assist us in our investigation.”

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