We’ll avoid an arms race with Guitar Hero, says Harmonix

The creator of Rock Band has vowed not to saturate the market with games when the franchise returns this year.

Harmonix and Activision released over 30 different guitar-based games between 2005 and 2010, causing the market to become oversaturated and collapse.

Rock Band 4 is now set to return this October, and widespread reports claim that Guitar Hero is also braced for a return. But Harmonix product manager Eric Pope has promised not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

It’s no secret that the band game space became really crowded,” he told MCV. It was a lot to keep up with, so some fans rather understandably needed a break.

We have no intention in engaging in a retail arms race this time around. The current state of consoles is exciting for us, as it gives us an opportunity to deliver on the ‘Rock Band Platform’ ambitions we’ve always had for the game. It’s much easier today to build and grow a single game, adding new features and content along the way, pivoting based on player feedback and trends.”

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