Dissidia Final Fantasy NT heading to PS4 next year

After leaked box art appeared on Amazon this morning, Square Enix has now officially confirmed that the next entry in its Final Fantasy brawling series, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, will be heading to PS4 in Europe and North America in early 2018.

Developed in partnership with Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo, the 3v3 team-based brawler pits over 20 iconic Final Fantasy characters and summon monsters against each other in battle.

Previously, the Dissidia series only appeared on Sony’s PSP platform, with the first (Dissidia Final Fantasy) launching in 2009, and the second (Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy) in 2011. However, whereas Dissidia 012 was more of a remake of the original, NT will be a brand-new entry in the franchise, a Square Enix representative has confirmed to MCV.

The previous games were very well-received by fans and critics alike. Dissidia: Final Fantasy debuted at No.10 in the UK weekly charts before becoming the 17th best-selling PSP title of 2009, while Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy debuted at No.24 in the UK weekly charts.

Of course, with the Vita failing to make much of an impression in the west, it’s no surprise that Square Enix has decided to move the franchise to Sony’s mainline console. Indeed, Sony’s own Shawn Layden recently said to Time that it’s become "hard to keep the Vita as a going concern" in recent years due to the lack of content.

Whether Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will be able to revitalise the franchise on PS4 remains to be seen, but it certainly stands a better chance of doing so on the PS4 than Sony’s ailing handheld.

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