DONTNOD introduces permanent work from home policy for all employees

Life is Strange creator DONTNOD is implementing a new permanent work from home policy.

DONTNOD employees based in both Paris and Montreal can now choose between working from home or in an office environment, a permanent system which will continue once the pandemic is over. The intention, according to DONTNOD, is to improve work-life balance and provide more flexibility in organisation.

The Fully Remote Organization (FROG) scheme was initially thought up before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. An internal company referendum was held in October 2020, and found that FROG was favoured by 87% of DONTNOD employees. 

“Our teams have shown extraordinary resilience during this period and I would like to thank them for their hard work, dedication and adaptability, which have enabled DONTNOD to continue to evolve, and to ensure the successful release of two games in 2020, Tell Me Why and Twin Mirror. The well-being and health of every DONTNODian is a priority and the FROG program is designed with this in mind. We know that everyone has different needs and different ways of functioning and that is why we wanted to create a program that would give everyone the freedom to choose how they want to organize their day-to-day lives. FROG should allow our talents to grow in their professional and personal lives,” says Oskar Guilbert, CEO of DONTNOD.

Employees can now choose between Remote Mode and Office Mode, with the option to revise their decision at a later stage. Remote Mode allows employees to work from home, with all the equipment they need (such as chairs, desks, peripherals, etc) provided by DONTNOD. They can also choose to visit the office regularly and use dedicated “flex” desks.

Office Mode meanwhile entails working from the premises with a dedicated setup and desk and comes with a package of days of remote working per year.

“During the crisis, we had to quickly adapt our work processes and communication tools to ensure efficient organization and continued connection for all our employees. Although some thought had been given prior to the health crisis, we realized that working from home is a work mode that is more suitable for some people, as it offers a work-life balance adapted to their needs. So, we designed the FROG program to offer the best working conditions, regardless of the preferred mode. In addition, this program will allow us to expand our recruitment to all of France and Quebec to find new talent,” explains Matthieu Hoffmann, HR Director at DONTNOD.

The new model will allow DONTNOD to expand its talent pool, with colleagues able to live and work from anywhere in France with the Paris office, or anywhere in Quebec with the Montreal office, with the same conditions and benefits as any employee.

“The flexibility gained with the FROG program allows us rapid response to changing expectations and circumstances, which affects employees both in their personal and working lives. It is at the heart of the working culture we intended to foster within the Montreal studio, and a core part of what we want to offer to our employees,” said Frederique Fourny-Jennings, Managing Director at DONTNOD Montreal.

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