Epic Games to open new Australia and New Zealand office

CEO of the Games Developers Association of Australia (GDAA), Anthony Reed, has stepped down from his position to work with Epic Games and establish a new office for the Fortnite developer in Australia and New Zealand.

Reed made the announcement earlier today at the Game Connect Asia Pacific (GCAP) conference during Melbourne International Games Week, but did not expand on what Epic’s plans are, nor what Reed’s new role will be. However, he did say there would be "a lot of news" soon.

"Every year at GCAP I take a moment to reflect… This year takes me all the way back to 2009, before I took over the GDAA and I took over GCAP. I said at the time – and I believed this at the time – that I would stay for a maximum of ten years," he said.

Reed promises that the GDAA has devised a "whole new, incredible strategic plan" to be implemented by a new CEO. For now, communications and strategy officer Melissa Lancuba will step in as interim chief.

"I believed strongly at the time that every association, every industry body, should have a change of ownership – fresh eyes, and fresh ideas, and new approaches. And the thing is, I was right. So a few weeks ago, I resigned as the chief executive of the GDAA, and this will be my last GCAP as your host."

"I am proud of the work I have done," Reed added. "But most of all, I am proud of you, because you came through the worst of times, and you built an industry that the world takes notice of. You have come together and formed a community that the world respects. That is a hell of an achievement and I’m extraordinarily proud of you for doing that."

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