Gamescom guide lists Half-Life 3 for show reveal

The internet has erupted this afternoon after an eager journalist spotted a listing for Valve’s hugely anticipated Half-Life 3 in the official Gamescom show guide.

T3 reports that the game is included in Gamecom’s PDF guide.

It’s safe to say that Half-Life 3 is amongst the most anticipated releases in the history of the industry. Since the 2007 no-show of Half-Life 2: Episode Three, the fandom has become increasingly hungry for news on the next chapter in Valve’s iconic.

However, Gamescom’s guide with a pretty significant caveat – the show organisers apparently take no responsibility for the accuracy of the information” adding that it is sourced from, amongst other places forums and blogs”.

This, clearly, is an unusual approach for an officially published guide and has simply stirred the fanboy nest even harder.

MCV’s prediction? Sorry, but Half-Life 3 is not going to be presented this week.

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